Adele Passmore

Adele is a singer, song catcher and about to begin work on her first album. She facilitates drum-maker workshops and circles with young and old. Her eldest drummer is 106 years young and over the past few years she has witnessed the impact of the drum on the hearts of those sharing in its medicine.

For Adele the Conundrum is symbolic of one of the ways in which the First Nations of Canada travelled. The cedar wood itself, grounding and offering protection. The drum itself alive with the energy of what it is created with. In today’s Canada, there are travellers from many nations and countries from all around the world, most have a drum, as part of their cultural heritage. The beat of the drum opens our hearts to walk in a more peace filled world. Connecting, learning, feeling, creating as we come together as one, sharing time and space with each other with the powerful force of the Conundrum.

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