AIMToronto Orchestra

The AIMToronto Orchestra is a seventeen-piece ensemble formed in 2007 for a celebrated collaboration with Anthony Braxton at the Guelph Jazz Festival that resulted in Creative Orchestra (Guelph) 2007 on Spool Records. Since then, the Orchestra, under the artistic direction of Kyle Brenders and administrative direction of Scott Thomson, has been dedicated to the development and performance of repertoire composed by Orchestra members. Such repertoire, composed by Brenders, Justin Haynes, Germaine Liu, and Joe Sorbara, will be featured on their first studio recording, to be released by Barnyard Records. The Orchestra recording features the following personnel: Kyle Brenders, soprano saxophone and direction; Evan Shaw, alto saxophone; Chris Willes, tenor saxophone; Ronda Rindone, clarinets; Rob Piilonen, flute; Nicole Rampersaud, trumpet; Steve Ward, trombone; Ken Aldcroft, guitar; Christine Duncan, voice & theremin; Mika Posen, violin Tilman Lewis, cello; Pete Johnston, bass; Rob Clutton, bass & banjo; Nick Fraser, drums; Joe Sorbara, drums; Germaine Liu, vibraphone and percussion; and Simeon Abbott, piano and organ. With this concert, the Orchestra is releasing its first studio recording, Year of the Boar (Barnyard 322), featuring compositions by Justin Haynes, Kyle Brenders, Joe Sorbara, and Germaine Liu. The concert will feature two brand new works by Haynes and Brenders, respectively, designed as contexts for special guest, British saxophonist, Evan Parker, as an improvising soloist.

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