Alistair Christl

The reigning Canadian champion of “Hillbilly Bop” – a style that combines the best of Honky tonk, Country Swing, Roots Rockabilly, Jazz and Blues – Alistair’s musical approach is reverent to the past yet unique in style. Though thoroughly competent, Christl takes his music outside the box, viewing purists as a pack of sniveling weaklings bent on destroying creativity. What results is a road house throwback that can wake the dead.

Having spent over 10 years touring Canada and the States, Alistair has established himself as a dominant force in the roots music scene. From house concerts to burlesque festivals his music appeals across the board. An esteemed lyricist and songsmith, he’s released 2 CDs (Unmarked Grave 2007 and 8 Songs by Alistair Christl 2011), is currently working on a third, and has written and arranged music for theater and film. A versatile guitar slinger, Alistair has backed the likes of Rockabilly hall of famer Ronnie Hayward, Genie Nominee Terra Hazelton, Ginger St. James, Big Rude Jake and countless others; artists from whom he has learned much (and stolen a thing or two).

His Current release, “8 Songs by Alistair Christl” offers a more subdued variant to his usual catalog. Bare bones, lonely and often moody and melancholic, “8 Songs” draws inspiration from such greats as Orbison and Sinatra to bring a crafted and dynamic exploration to his repertoire. Marked by reverby, sparse instrumentation, slow tempos and meditative lyrics and vocal style, it’s impressing old fans and gaining new ones. For 2012 Alistair will be releasing a new CD, a new video, and touring Canada and Europe.

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