Alysha & The Brilltones

Alysha Brillinger is a dynamic singer and songwriter.

Her jazz and pop influences create a rich story in her music. This half Tanzanian half Canadian beauty plays a number of instruments and performs on both guitar and piano. Alysha Brillinger’s music is organic and harkens back to a time when a memorable melody and clever lyric were what made music so rich.
When not touring, Brillinger can be heard fronting “The Brilltones” at Toronto’s Premiere Jazz/Blues/Boogie Woogie venue, The Reservoir Lounge every Thursday night. Also a resident on the airwaves of Showcase’s “King” television show, Brillinger is the the featured vocalist and her voice and songs are on every episode.

Winner of the 2011 Leading Edge Arts Award, Brillinger is releasing her first full length record in April 2012 on her own record label, Sunny Jam Records.

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