Ana Moura

Exquisite vocalist Ana Moura possesses a sound unlike any other in fado. Her voice strolls freely through the Portuguese tradition, flirting elegantly with pop and broadening the soul-bearing genre to stunning results. The BBC raves, “her melancholic intimacy dominates the moment it sashays out of the speakers… setting a mood of mesmerizing sorrow.” The Examiner describes her as, “a torch singer with Mediterranean qualities, Moura has a voice made for melodrama… aesthetically thrilling and emotionally heartbreaking.” Her stage presence embodies the spirit of the iconic fadista, capturing the attention of Caetano Veloso, Mick Jagger, and Prince, which gave rise to inspired crossover collaborations and performances with these musical giants in rock, pop, and jazz. Moura released her seventh full-length album, Desfado, in 2013 to quadruple platinum sales and her 2016 release, Moura, went platinum in her native Portugal.

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