Andrew Rathbun / Jeremy Siskind Duo

Pianist Jeremy Siskind and saxophonist Andrew Rathbun reimagine the piano Préludes of Claude Debussy with spontaneity, exoticism, and virtuosity. Premiered at the Gilmore Keyboard Festival in 2016, these new arrangements toy with standard notions of Debussy’s music in terms of form, pianism, and harmony, while honoring the crystalline and quirky compositions of the French visionary. In fact, many Debussy pieces lend themselves to jazz – here, Minstrels gets a stride piano treatment, The Girl with the Flaxen Hair is played as a lush ballad, and Delphic Dancers hints at bossa nova. Throughout it all, the listener can gain new appreciation for the flexibility of Debussy’s music and marvel at the improvisational adroitness Siskind and Rathbun put on display.

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