Annie Bonsignore

Annie is a South African born singer/songwriter/producer and pianist who has been living in Toronto, Canada for twelve years. She was born into a family of passionate musicians. Her father is a guitarist and singer, and her mother is a music teacher. Annie began singing and playing the piano in competitions and festivals at the tender age of five, composing by age nine and singing professionally by the age of eleven. She was a top ten finalist in South Africa’s “Popstars” competition. She recently received a FACTOR grant for the Professional Demo Award.
Annie maintains a thriving voice studio in downtown Toronto and she also does session singing and writing for jingles and movies. She performs in and around Toronto where she has a steady fan base of friends and admirers that she has drawn in with her extraordinary voice, immense talent, stage presence and natural charm. Annie's original music is emotional and raw with layers of piano, vocals and harmonies. Annie sings a vast range of genres, such as Jazz, Country, Classic Rock, Contemporary hits, Original music, Pop and even Opera. 
Annie’s first single from her self produced album ‘Shades of Red’ has been featured on CBC's Fresh Air as well as CBC's Saskastoon Afternoon Edition. In 2013, four songs from the album were featured in an Independent film. In July 2015, another original song 'Feel for You' from the album is being used as the theme song in a massive charity campaign for the Youthdale Foundation (a charity for children's mental illness.) Annie will be climbing the second tallest mountain in Canada with these children with mental illness and the whole expedition will be made into a documentary.

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