A.R.C.C. began many moons ago as a collective called Women With Horns, at that time co-lead by Ingrid Stitt, Sarah McElcheran, Carrie Chesnutt and Colleen Allen. The idea was to create an opportunity for four busy horn players to play together, and it was modeled after the Count Basie Band - collective grooving, horn riffing and swinging. Arrangements were written with features for each individual player in mind, leaving lots of room for instant riffs and backing horn parts, catapulted by a deep-swinging rhythm section. With Ingrid now on the west coast and Sarah in to Ottawa, the band was re-formed (with their blessing) as A.R.C.C. The contemporary version of the band, under the direction of Colleen Allen, has the same agenda – four busy horn players who want to create an opportunity to play together!

A.R.C.C. features Alison Young (sax), Rebecca Hennessy (trumpet), Carrie Chesnutt (sax) and Colleen Allen (sax); the rhythm section includes the band's original drummer, Mark Kelso; pianist Stacie McGregor; and Lauren Falls on bass.

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