Boxcar Boys

The Boxcar Boys are a Toronto-based group of five young performers featuring Juno-nominated Rob Teehan on sousaphone, clarinetist and tunesmith John David Williams, jazz master Karl Silveira on trombone, folky fiddler Laura Bates, and soulful Ronen Segall on accordion. They deliver a veritable gumbo of wild gypsy, old-jazz, klezmer, and folk music always performed with a good-time New Orleans spirit.

With an ever expanding repertoire of new quirky original tunes and fun favourites (everything from high-and-lonesome country hits to obscure 1930s Dixieland numbers), they perform regularly around town anywhere good music is found!

Their novel old-time street band instrumentation also lends itself naturally to performances outside the typical concert venue; The St. Lawrence Market for example where they’ve become favourite buskers among market regulars, or street and community festivals where The Boxcar Boys are often found parading around. When the audience erupts in dance The Boxcar Boys often step off stage and join in on the fun without missing a beat!

With a never-waning sense of humour and excitement, The Boxcar Boys bring a keen spirit of improvisation to their music ensuring that no two performances are ever the same.

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