Caravan Palace

Caravan Palace are a 7 piece band from Paris, France who are an indelible act within the Electro swing genre. A band whose appeal has grown off-radar, appreciated for both their musical virtuosity and their sheer ability to deliver a ballistic good time.

The group mixes in modern electronic pop beats heard by acts like Daft Punk and Justice, but also integrate musical cues from 1920s style jazz artists such as Django Reinhardt. Caravan Palace originated as a trio, but have since more than doubled in size.Just as the band used the internet to complete their line up, they similarly used it to promote their first demos (many which were large successes in this plugged in community). Soon after their formation the band fine tuned their performance skills, touring heavily from 2006 to 2007, appearing at places like the Django Reinhardt Jazz Festival.

Their presence in the Paris music scene was bolstered after this tour and landed them a recording contract with Wagram Music record label. Their self-titled studio debut was spearheaded by the wildly popular single “Jolie Coquine”. The album was critically praised for its true to nature jazz tendencies as well as it’s unique and hip electonic spin. Commercially the album was off the charts (well not literally speaking). It graced the top album charts in many European countries, but undoubtedly did the best in it’s native land France, in which it rose to No.11. Since its release the band’s live profile has risen unrelentingly, their concert tickets flying out with minimum promotion and zero-hype.

The group followed this album up 3 years later with the release of their EP “Clash”, which came out in early 2011. Their proper 2nd studio album was issued on 5 March 2012 and peaked at No. 20 on the charts. The USA edition featured 4 remix tracks, 3 variations of “Clash” and one of “Dramophone”. It remains a treat to listen to, whether in a burlesque bar or at home.

Caravan Palace released their third studio album in 2015. Created in their Parisian studios, where the electro-pioneers fuse hedonistic house and old school jazz to glorious effect, the album evokes the spirit of a modernistic Quintette du Hot Club de France. A true word-of-mouth sensation, they’re capable of tearing the roof off any venue.

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