Caution Jam

Rock-improvisational music steeped in roots and blues. Good times and sore feet from dancing guaranteed. Canada's premier Grateful Dead tribute.

Eric and Les met through mutual friends after a Grateful Dead concert in the summer of 1987. Four years later, The Eight Ball Blues Band was the first incarnation of Eric and Les performing gigs in the Toronto area.

Not long after, Eric joined the line-up for Ernest Lee’s Cotton Traffic, where Les played bass, where they were doing gigs in blues and country bars.

In late 1991 Eric and Les created Caution Jam--a project that would fuse their love of Grateful Dead music with a myriad of everyone’s favorite cover songs as well as featuring some of their own songwriting. With tie-dyes flying, and their carefree, groovy attitude, it was no wonder that this fresh, psychedelic band would need a bus to travel in.

With The Big Green Bus

Brother Chris approached the Caution Jam in January1992 during their second gig at the Black Rooster Tavern in Toronto. He said he wanted to play in a band, but didn’t play an instrument. We agreed that Brother Chris would play the bus driver. Never give Brother Chris a crazy idea. He soonfound a 32 foot army transfer bus---the 1967 Western Flyer---and the band began to cruise in it. He built a stage on the roof, put a generator in the back and the Caution Jam was fit to play anywhere.

With a band and a bus, all Caution Jam needed was somewhere to go. A year later, the band started travelling with a children’s charity on a 9-day cycling marathon through southern Ontario playing in small towns all over the region, entertaining the cyclists and their families.

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