Cece Pastor

Corporate planners have come to know Cece Pastor & Word of Mouth as the band that just guarantees a good time. Why? It starts with energy energy energy! It comes from reading a crowd and understanding our clients needs. Cece doesn't just perform, she becomes part of the audience and shares with them, a versatile range of favorites from R&B to Dance, to Top 40 and of course, what she often refers to as "cuddle tunes". It's time to network! The repetoire stays current and fresh as the band brings you new current material each month.

You can also find Cece Pastor & Word of Mouth at the hottest nightclubs in the city honing their skills, bringing parties to life, and keeping the repertoire fresh and current. Check out our club dates page, and join us for a taste of the "Pastor Party" because word of mouth spreads quickly, and this band just doesn't sit still for too long. Book now, and make your event sizzle.

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