Clayton Doley

Clayton Doley is Australia's finest Hammond organist and is quickly gaining international recognition as one of the top new players on the world stage. The 2010 US release of 'Tension' by Clayton Doley's Organ Donors received glowing reviews and has cast Clayton as a rising star in the blues and jazz idiom.
Drawn to the Hammond B3 organ from a very early age, he is a master of the instrument. He has dedicated his life to exploring the full potential of the B3 and utilizing it's dynamics, depth of tone and it's bass pedals. Not just an organist, Clayton has a deep and rich and soulful singing voice and his bluesy songwriting combines modern structure and harmony with thoughtful and sensitive lyrics.
Invited to Canada by Harry Manx, whom he plays with regularly around North America, Australia and Europe. Clayton has spent much of 2011 immersing himself in Toronto's vibrant scene, playing regularly at the world famous Hammond Organ Club, The Orbit Room, in between tours.
In Australia Clayton has had a long history as a television musical director for the now legendary shows 'Good News Week' and 'The Sideshow'. He has also toured the world over with artists such as Eugene 'Hideaway' Bridges (USA), A Camp (Sweden), Silverchair (Australia), The Divinyls (Australia), and Harry Manx (Canada). Clayton is a sought after session musician who has played on hundreds of albums as well as a brilliant band leader who is in great demand on the Australian festival circuit.

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