Clear Mortifee

Non-binary, Alt-R&B performance artist Clear Mortifee demonstrates their creative vision through spiritual healing and erotic sanctification, inventing music that is poignantly suited for our time. Their 2017 debut release Medicines garnered praise from the likes of Spindle Magazine, tagging their work as “a perfect dose of future-soul,” and Hype Magazine dubbing them “a modern pop star with the message of love behind [their] music.”

Claire’s newest musical offering shifts focus to a more genre-bending and groundbreaking aesthetic - opening up around sexuality and the mysteries of the Earth - in a way that both entices and empowers listeners. A collaborative effort between various Toronto and Los Angeles creatives, their sophomore EP, Fairies, represents the ethereal and spiritual reawakening of Claire’s inner deity. The gifted melodist embarks on new terrain, encompassing themes of divine femininity and sensuality, all while initiating an evolution in the narrative surrounding femme empowerment, sex and art.

Clear Mortifee (lead vocals)
- Adrian Hogan (keys)
- Michael Perrotti (guitar)
- Sarah Thawer (drums)
- David Maclean (bass)
- Fatuma Nuri (back-up vocals)

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