Club Django

In 1995, in Toronto, a group of Django Reinhardt fans got together for the sheer enjoyment of playing the music of the Quintet of the Hot Club of France. In time, a nucleus of these dedicated musicians decided to perform publicly and so Club Django Toronto was born.

In May 2000, the group released its first CD, entitled A Tribute to the Hot Club de France. In April 2001, the CD received the Canadian Collectors' Congress Award for the Best Album 2000, Traditional / Classic Jazz Performance. In the fall of 2003, the Club Django Toronto was nominated for the National Jazz Award.

For the past twenty years Club Django Toronto has performed in many of the major jazz festivals including, Toronto Jazz Festival, Markham Jazz Festival, Ottawa Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, All Canadian (Port Hope), Syracuse Jazz Festival and so many more. To date the group has recorded three CD’s. “La Gitane” was released in January 2004 has received air play on all jazz radio stations across Canada. The group is currently promoting their New CD called “Stompin’ At The Ritz” The original musicians were John Farrell on lead guitar, Abbey Sholzberg on double bass, Tony Oldland (deceased) and André Séguinot (deceased) on rhythm guitars. Gerry Duligal (accordion) and Rodion Boshoer (violin) in 2001 and 2002. Wayne Nakamura (guitar) joined in 2015 and Club Django now perform as a quintet.

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