Cori Giannotta

Born in Toronto, Cori Giannotta has been heavily involved in the city’s tap dance scene for the past 7 years teaching, performing and producing. She’s had the opportunity to teach at the Toronto Rhythm Initiative’s youth intensive, Performing Arts BC Provincial Festival, and MOVE Dance Convention, to name a few. Performing credits include Lisa LaTouche’s Warrior at the Toronto Choreographer’s Ball, the 2014 Toronto Body Percussion Festival, the Big Band Tap Revue with the Toronto Jazz Orchestra, The Whole Shebang: Taken By Night, Dance Ontario, and the Toronto International Tap Dance Festival, produced by Toffan Rhythm Projects. In 2015, Cori established her tap dance company, Rhythm & Sound, alongside Johnathan Morin. The company has annual performances in Toronto, presenting their fifth anniversary show, “[Cinq]opation”, this September; it has been presented in Edmonton at the Feats Festival of Dance in 2017, and has been featured in several Festivals.

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