Eric St-Laurent Trio

"Eric St. Laurent and his trio have to be seen to be believed. One of the most unique, kick-ass bands in the country!" 
Jaymz Bee - Jazz FM 91

For the Eric St-Laurent Trio, music is a conversation; a raucous dialogue between the artists and their audience built on infectious beats and ever-expanding influences. Playing the original compositions of guitarist, Eric St-Laurent, and joined by the unique and highly virtuosic rhythm section of Jordan O'Connor (double bass) and Michel DeQuevedo (percussion), the trio utilizes eclectic elements such as Afro-Cuban rhythms, rock guitar, cinematic soundscapes and blues phrasing to unleash a subversive and distinctive new sound.

Eric St. Laurent (Guitar) Trio with Jordan O’Connor (Bass) & Michel DeQuevedo (Percussion)

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