Fraser Fitfield

A Piper and Low Whistle player who improvises like a jazz musician. A Soprano Sax player playing the traditional music of his native Scotland like it had always been played on that instrument. Fifield's compositions and his musical language are uniquely his own.

A most individual musician, Fraser Fifield, plays an unusual combination of instruments all to an unusually high standard. Aged 9 years, in rural North-East Scotland, Fifield commenced his enduring relationship with the Great Highland Bagpipes. He learnt from two excellent local Piping exponents and went on to win many prizes at various piping competitions around the north of Scotland. After piping for some years, as a companion instrument, Fifield chose the saxophone and continued to study that instrument thoughout his school years and on to Royal Scottish Academy of Music in Glasgow. A convenient transition, somewhere in between the pipes and sax was found in the Low Whistle which these days we hear him play perhaps more often than the other instruments. On the Low Whistle in particular the influences from the music of pipes and saxes distil into something new. Fifield's whistle playing has solid traditional roots but can soar into passionate jazz inflected soloing.

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