Griffith/Hiltz Trio

It all started with some bass pedals… 
Johnny Griffith and Nathan Hiltz, long time friends and creative collaborators, were on to something when they incorporated the bass pedals, that had been gathering dust in Johnny’s basement, into their weekly jam session. Inspired by their curiosity of using vintage technology to replicate an organ’s place in a trio, these fearless multi-instrumentalists began to co-create and something truly unique was born.  Nathan Hiltz, the most promising Canadian guitarist of this generation, soft-shoes his way across an array of bass pedals with the deftness of Gene Kelly. The spirit of Rashaann Roland Kirk is channeled through the daring multi-reed explorer, Johnny Griffith. Ever tasteful and precise, the virtuosic Sly Juhas seems incapable of playing anything that isn’t "right on the money!" Together they incorporate the influence of Blue Note legends of the ‘60’s like Horace Silver, Lee Morgan and Herbie Hancock, and Celtic, Norse and Eastern motifs, to create a melodic jazz that is at once familiar and exotic.

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