The Horables

About our Name - Whats in a Horable?
A Hora is a musical form in Jewish music, it could be a slow walking tune in 3/4 time, or a fast dancing tune. Either way, the HORAbles do it all ..... both.

The Horables like to play Klezmer, Django style jazz, polkas, Gypsy dance tunes and rags from the age of steam. You will also hear songs in Yiddish and English.
They are busking regulars at markets like the Wychwood Barns or Evergreen Brickworks, and you can often find them at the Free Times Cafe Klezmer brunch. They rose from the ashes of a band known for it's activism as well as it's music, the all woman Klezmer band Pomegranate.

Rachel Melas has spent over 4 decades playing electric and upright bass in various bands, and decided that she liked Klezmer music so much that she would learn a whole new instrument to play it. She is currently fascinated by all sorts of archaic music. She plays bass with Swamperella, Reverend Max Woolaver, Les Singes Bleus, The Sonny Balcones , Jazz singer Joanne Morra and other purveyors of jazz and traditional music.

Conny Nowe is a veteran of many musical scenes, drumming in punk and pop bands in the 80's, world music bands in the 90's and turning her attention to acoustic music as the rhythm guitarist in Swamperella for the last 24 years. She has been playing Klezmer and Old Time music on the mandolin for the last 20 years. When Conny is not playing music she is a professional sound technician.

Rachel Sheinin has played the violin since childhood, studying classical music and then jazz and folk styles. She leads the Bulgars and Freylachs fearlessly, solos effortlessly on the jazz tunes and sings in Yiddish. She is the most virtuosic Horable! A school teacher by trade she also teaches Tai Chi and plays with Klezmer group Broken Bagel Scene, as well as leading monthly Yiddish and social justice sing along ZING ZING ZING.

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