Hot Five Jazzmakers

The Hot Five Jazzmakers are a versatile Canadian jazz group that plays a happy mix of ragtime, blues, spirituals & classic jazz with all the fun, joy & flavour of the 1920’s/30’s – the golden era of jazz. Their jazz reflects formative artists such as Armstrong, Morton; Waller and the like.

They have been honing their presentation and repertoire at C'est what? for 25 years now and are also known internationally. There have been numerous invites to Jazz Festivals in the USA including New Orleans, where they were recognized as Honorary International Citizens by the Mayor! They have toured North Germany twice and represented Canada in France at the Marciac Festival and Scotland at the Edinburgh International Jazz Festival. In July 2009 they played the Whitley Bay Festival Northern England and the Maribo Festival, Denmark. In June 2011 they appeared at festivals in Kirkudbright (Scotland) and Silkeborg Riverboat Jazz Festival (Denmark). The occasional Caribbean jazz cruise is a favourite with fans. They have produced 16 CDs some of which were recorded "live" at C’est what?

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