Irene Torres

Born in Lima, Peru. Irene moved to Canada, in the late 1980's. She grew up in the culturally diverse backdrop of the city of Toronto. Luckily, she was blessed with parents that had a deep appreciation for the arts. As a child, she performed and studied with various acting and dance troupes. She developed a quick love for music. At the age of twelve she began to sneak in listening sessions with her father's prized vinyl collection of The Doors. Despite the heavy grounding she was guaranteed if caught, Irene insists it was worth every stay-at-home weekend. In the year 2000, Irene experienced her first recording session. She concluded afterwards that 'there might be something more to music' for her than singing the 'odd melody now and again.' For the next several years Irene dedicated herself to studying repertoire from some the most memorable singers of all time. While her classmates were heading off to their respective universities, Irene began her studies of music under the tutelage of some the most noteworthy vocal instructors in North America. After many happy hours in the studio and on stage, the one thing Irene knows for sure is that music worth every minute

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