Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything

Described as “Gogol Bordello meets The Mothers of Invention”, or “Tom Waits playing the fiddle while fronting The Mahavishnu Orchestra” Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything somehow combine bluegrass with Indian music, afro-beat with sea shanties, or klezmer with the blues, and make it sound like the most natural thing in the world. With a diverse cast of Toronto’s finest and most adventurous musicians, the band has toured the country coast to coast, and showcased their highly original music at festivals as diverse as The Ottawa Jazz Festival, The Newfoundland Sound Symposium, The Vancouver Folk Festival, and recently at world music expo WOMEX, held this year in Thessaloniki, Greece. After three years of touring and perfecting their repertoire, the band finally has a new album showcasing the full breadth of their sound, and will be releasing it in February 2013!

Fronting the ensemble, Jaron Freeman-Fox dances down the fine line between the beautiful and the ridiculous, while redefining what the violin can do. Having played on over 40 albums (Jayme Stone, Autorickshaw, Peter Katz) and having toured the world many times over as a side-man with bands such as The David Woodhead Confabulation and Delhi 2 Dublin, Freeman-Fox fuses his roots of Celtic and bluegrass fiddling with his study of Indian classical music and jazz, playing the 5-string violins of his late mentor; fiddle pioneer Oliver Schroer. In 2010 Jaron released his award-winning instrumental debut album Manic Almanac : Slow Möbius and formed this fiery band The Opposite of Everything. Since then, Jaron has performed in Brunei, Indonesia, India, throughout the US, UK, Europe and at festivals across Canada, for crowds of over 100,000, royalty, and audiences dressed as wizards. (True story!)

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