Jazz Junkestra

Take a walk on the wild, green side of jazz with The Junkestra - the brain-child of internationally renowned guitarist/sound sculptor Mark Sepic.

East York artist, Mark Sepic is an internationally recognized guitarist, composer and sound sculptor. His Junkestra program, a hands-on wonderland of recycling, integrates sports, music, and the arts, bringing everyone together in a spirit of joy. Mark’s dream is to make recycling so much fun that it becomes Canada’s second national sport, leading the way to a greener world.

Mark will host a percussion petting zoo of drums, xylophones and more, all made of recycled objects. This jazz festival premier will feature demonstrations, guided improvisation, free style mashups and a make and take table, materials provided.

A hands-on wonderland of recycling, The Junkestra celebrates the magic of music from everyday things and has been featured at the 2015 Pan-Am Games, 2017 East York Cultural Hotspot launch, Nuit Blanche, Live Green Toronto Festival, CBC Radio and Roy Thomson Hall.

There are eleven such installations in Ontario, between Hamilton, Toronto, Barry's Bay and Moose Factory.

Mark’s goal is to save the world with creative re-use, while having as much fun as possible. To date, in schools, libraries, art galleries, community centers and arts festivals throughout Ontario, he has helped Canadians re use over 250,000 household items, giving cans, toilet paper rolls and plastic jars a musical afterlife as drums, kazoos and maracas.
Mark your calendars and come and help save the world with junk and jazz! You may never hear everyday things the same way again.

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