John Medeski

The celebrated musician, whose work with the trailblazing instrumental trio Medeski Martin & Wood (MMW) and countless other collaborators have set a standard for soulful improvisation, discusses his current work with Spectrum Road.

"Spectrum Road's music reflects a vintage kind of fusion, but it also contains a few unexpected elements. '[It's] definitely a jazz-rock thing but it has a rock edge, because one of the architects of modern rock is in the band and he's singing these tunes,' Reid says. 'It's kind of an odd combination of jazz-rock as we know it. John Medeski is such an odd keyboardist and so quirky, and one of the beautiful things is his use of the Mellotron on the record, because the Mellotron is not associated with jazz-rock and fusion to a large degree. It's more associated with King Crimson, Yes and the Moody Blues. It gives the thing a different feel and sonic signature." Greg Prato, Rolling Stone

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