Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett is a guitarist, producer, musical director and composer based in Toronto, Canada, and has been a freelance guitarist in Toronto for more than 30 years. He performs as a band leader, side musician and musical director at jazz festivals, clubs and concert venues across the country and internationally, while maintaining a continuous presence on the Toronto scene. Kevin is known as a passionate soloist, a first-rate accompanist, and a versatile and creative side musician. As well as leading his own Group, Kevin has worked with some of the finest performers on the Canadian music scene – Patricia Cano, Gillian Margot, Molly Johnson, Lillian Allen, Kellylee Evans, Julie Michels, Big Rude Jake, DK Ibomeka, the Liquidaires, Arlene Mantle and the Stratford Festival. Kevin has been Musical Director for Ron Davis’ SymphRonica, Daniela Nardi’s Espresso Manifesto and Arts4All Creative Society. His recording credits include guitar work for Daniela Nardi, Ron Davis, Trent-Severn, Adi Braun, Paisley Jura, Kira Callaghan, DK Ibomeka, and Jay Boehmer. Through kevinbarrettgroup Productions he has produced recordings with Julie Michels, Jacob Langer, Melissa Boyce, Lisa Lindo and Faustwork Mask Theatre. Kevin maintains a busy teaching practice through and his own studio.

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