Kobi Hass Quartet

Kobi Hass is an electric and upright bass player. In 2010 Kobi relocated with his family from Tel Aviv to Toronto where he now resides and performs. As a young man Kobi started performing as a professional electric bass player in various bands and groups, playing a wide range of music styles from jazz through Israeli folk music to rock, in countries including included Israel, USA, England, Germany, Austria, France, and Soviet Union. At the same time Kobi performed as double bass player in major musical and theatrical shows.

Kobi holds a Master’s Degree in choir conducting from Tel Aviv University and a Diploma in Professional Music from Berklee College of Music, Boston. For many years Kobi was a bass instructor in Hed College of Contemporary Music, Tel Aviv, an arranger for the Israeli Air Force Band and the head of the music department of Blich High School, Tel Aviv.

In Toronto Kobi teaches in Claremont school, Miles Nadal JCC and El Sistema Toronto.

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