Laura Marks

Laura Marks sings with the same quiet intensity and sensuality that informs her paintings. Her cool, restrained style draws the listener into a shared intimacy.

Coming from an artistic family, she has been singing all her life and was exposed to classical music, jazz, folk, rock and blues at a very early age. It’s in her blood.

Over the last few years Laura has performed jazz and Latin music at various clubs around Toronto including Hugh’s Room, The Trane Studio, Ten Feet Tall, Jazz Bistro, Lula Lounge for the One Stop Vocal Jazz Safari, The Local Gest, Pauper’s, Morgan’s, and The Rex. Laura was also the host of the popular, on-going, weekly Bohemian Jazz Jam at Toronto’s Rakia Bar.

Laura has exhibited her watercolours and oil paintings in solo and group shows in Canada and abroad. Although she called London, England home for some years she now resides in Toronto where she divides her time between music and painting. One of her recent watercolour paintings, “Our Band at The Rex” graces the cover of her debut CD, "57 Minutes".

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