Lemon Bucket Orkestra

“A super-band Lemon Bucket Orkestra definitely are.”
– Now Toronto

The Lemon Bucket Orkestra is Toronto's only "Balkan-klezmer-gypsy-party-punk-super-band". The beautiful music of south, central and eastern Europe is brought to new audiences by this young and dynamic group of Torontonians. The musicians hail from many different musical and cultural backgrounds, bringing a truly Canadian mix of talent and soul. With a reputation that has caught international attention, The Lemon Bucket Orkestra delivers unforgettable performances that has audiences dancing, singing and begging for more.

The Orkestra:
1st Violin Mark Marczyk
2nd Violin Emilyn Stam
Accordion Tangi Ropars
Guitar Alex Nahirny
Vocal Anastasia Baczynskyj
Dancer Stephania Woloshyn
Clarinet John Williams
Flugelhorn Michael Louis Johnson
Sousaphone Rob Teehan
Trombone Karl Silveira
Saxophone Chris Weatherstone
Sopilka Mike Romaniak
Drum Oskar Lombarri
Darbuka Jaash Singh

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