Lorne Lofsky & Kieran Overs

Lorne Lofsky is a Canadian guitarist living in the Toronto area. He started out as a typical teenage rock 'n roll guitar player, playing in basement bands and at high school dances. In his late teens, no longer enamored with playing blues based rock music, a friend turned him on to Miles Davis's classic disk "Kind of Blue". Hearing this record was, for Lorne, a musical revelation that led to a dramatic change is his approach to playing music.
Lorne was inspired to get together with like-minded friends, playing constantly, developing his chops and basic musical conception. Lorne began a more formal study of music while attending York University, in the mid 70's ('74/75), focusing on jazz theory and performance. He spent two years under the guidance of John Gittins and Bob Witmer.
Around this time Lorne was also starting to do a bit of playing around Toronto, which eventually led to a week at the legendary George's Spaghetti House with saxophonist Jerry Toth. Jerry was one of the finest Canadian saxophone players. His encouragement and support was instrumental in providing Lorne with the opportunity to be heard by the Toronto jazz audience.

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