Memo Acevedo & The Building Bridges Band, w/ Jacquelene Acevedo

We are family! Memo Acevedo & his daughter Jacquelene Acevedo have been making a buzz internationally and we’re excited to have them at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival and extend a warm first-time welcome to Jacquelene, the perfect foil for Memo. What a treat to hear blood on blood, which harkens to the call-and-response that is the heart of rumba.

Memo Acevedo could have come alone and it would have been enough. On drumset or hand drums, the man illustrates the community underscoring the diversity of Latin styles. Even if you don’t know the difference between samba and songo, Memo’s going to have you feeling it in no time flat.

Born in Colombia, a sort of middle ground in Latin, Memo Acevedo absorbed various rhythms from across the waters and over the hills. His guaguanco on congas, for example, goes deep into rumba, just as, worlds away, his partido alto pulses with the funk all the way down to its samba roots.

An award winning educator, Memo has toured any place you can name. Memo can swing a jazz quintet with the same effortless mastery as he rings the bell in the mambo shout-chorus—either way gets things dancing. Accordingly, he’s appeared on a long list of albums with major artists, including Bruce Cockburn, Tito Puente, Joss Stone, Propellerheads, and Irakere.

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