Mike Herriott & the Off The Road Big Band

Mike Herriott & the OTR Band have already been dubbed "the best big band I've heard in a long time", "reminiscent of the powerhouse bands of Bill Chase and Maynard!", and "a band for the 21st century!" by fans and critics. Consisting of 16 of Toronto's finest brass and rhythm musicians, the band was formed in 2014 to perform the music of its founder, Canadian trumpet-star Mike Herriott.

With an all-star line-up made up of a list of household names in the Canadian music scene, the band has (trumpets) Jason Logue, Dave Dunlop, Steve McDade, Brian O'Kane, (french horns) Austin Hitchcock, Janet Anderson, (trombones) Al Kay, Rob Somerville, Timothy Booth, Dave Reid, (rhythm section) Brian Dickinson, Ted Quinlan, Roberto Occhipinti, Mark Kelso, and Richard Moore to join Herriott on stage. Mike says, "I was thrilled to make up a list of my favourite players and have them all say they would love to join the band!".

Herriott's latest CD, "Off The Road" was recorded and released in 2013 to high-acclaim from reviewers, radio presenters, and fans. His sixth release as leader, on this one, he set out to record an album all by himself, performing on all the instruments. Known as a virtuosic cross-genre multi-instrumentalist, Mike chose a selection of music ranging from Freddie Hubbard, The Who, J.S. Bach, and his own energized and breath-taking compositions on which he performs on piccolo trumpet, Bb-D-Eb trumpets, flugelhorn, french horn, trombone, electric and acoustic bass, piano, and percussion.