Moodset is a jazz and R&B collaborative project comprised of Alexa Belgrave on keys, Jacqueline Teh on vocals, Madeleine Ertel on trumpet, Caleb Klager on bass, and Mackenzie Read on drums. All are students or alumni of the University of Toronto Jazz Performance program. They have hosted Jazz and R&B jams around Toronto, which have fostered a sense of community among jazz and pop/R&B musicians, and have performed at various venues in Toronto such as Yauca’s Lounge and Alchemy Food & Drink. They were featured in the 2017 World of Jazz Festival in Brampton (when the band was under a different name – The Alexa Belgrave Quintet). Moodset aims to create a vibrant atmosphere with an emphasis on the creation of original music and soulful sounds. With their own individual blend of jazz-informed techniques, R&B vibes, and memorable melodies, they hope to attract and engage listeners across all genres and levels of musicianship.

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