Muso Project

Muso: someone who is obsessed with listening to & creating music.

The Muso Project:
the collaboration of artists, combining their passions for blues, soul, jazz, RnB and Funk music into an eclectic blend of acoustic/electric guitars, colourful vocals, rhythmic grooves & expressive lyrics


In February 2008, Rachenne Regozo and Edward Monzon began the musical duo now known as The Muso Project. This Toronto-based group quickly became noticed within the musical community, impressing local audiences with their distinctive talents and musicianship.

Both coming from musical families and sharing a passion for performance arts and songwriting, Rachenne and Edward aspired to develop a unique sound combining acoustic, soul, R&B, and jazz genres. This sound is also reminiscent of a variety of influential artists ranging from Lauryn Hill, Amy Winehouse, and Stevie Wonder to John Mayer, Eric Clapton and James Taylor (just to name a few). In bringing together their influences and musical strengths, the group has created a number of memorable compositions shared in local venues across Toronto. With each passing show, The Muso Project continues to develop their sound and increase their fan base, leaving crowds asking for more of their impressive originals and entertaining covers.

What started as a casual hobby playing local bars and small venues has turned into a wealth of opportunities for The Muso Project to share their talents. These opportunities were the drive to expand as a full band in 2010, adding the well versed and musically trained bassist, Charles Collymore, as well as the very talented groove drummer, Matt Butash, to the band. With their new members and developed skills, The Muso Project now looks to take their unique musical sound to another level. The band has worked hard to produce music to please its fans and is excited for the release of their EP due in 2012.

In anticipation of their upcoming EP, The Muso Project released their lead-off single "Pretty Little Thing" on April 13th 2012 - a track that embodies each band member's musical strengths and truly shows the band's versatility. Its funky sound and playful lyrics demonstrates The Muso Project's need to blend soulful, old-school sound into a new light sure to please all music lovers, young and old.

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