Rita Di Ghent

Rita di Ghent was born in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and raised in Chicago, Illinois, USA. At the end of the 80s, singer-songwriter di Ghent began what
eventually became known as the Sprawl Project. Unlike many of her contemporaries, di Ghent, who has been described as a street poet of Toronto,
includes in her repertoire songs that deal with social issues concerning inner-city dwellers. She offers an unusual take on contemporary music and
poetry, incorporating jazz with a form of hip-hop that is distinctively her own. Although rooted in the jazz vocal tradition, her independent and
original thinking has created something that is very much of today. Often unrehearsed and spontaneous, her music has a potent vibrancy that demands
attention. After making her debut in New York in 1990, in an appearance with trumpeter Mark Ledford, she established a considerable following in her
homeland and in particular in Toronto. In 1999 she composed a new work for the Toronto Tabla Ensemble. In the early 00s, she was nominated for the
Montreal Jazz Festival’s Prix De Jazz. Her CD Sprawl Indigo made the list of Top 15 Canadian Jazz Albums of the Year.

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