Channeling the textural experimentalism of electronic music, the catharsis of tragic opera, the growl of punk rock, and the urgency of polymetric grooves, saajtak “smelts its sonic influences into a maelstrom almost orchestral in nature and theatrical in its depth” (Sonic Circuits, Washington, D.C.) With a repertoire of compositions that range from complex epic forms to short frenetic noise pieces and a heavy incorporation of improvisation, the quartet is constantly developing environments that defy genre and the traditional roles of each instrument. This vastness of influence and appeal is evident in the diversity of acts they have shared the stage with, including Xiu Xiu, ONO, Gaelynn Lea, Vicky Chow, New Music Detroit, Laurie Amat, Alec Redfearn and the Eyesores, Alan Licht, and more.

The Detroit-based ensemble was formed in late 2014 by vocalist Alex Koi, electronic artist Simon Alexander-Adams, drummer Jon Taylor, and bassist Ben Willis. Each member is an avid composer, improviser, and performer. Individually, the members of saajtak have performed with Brian Ritchie of the Violent Femmes, Wadada Leo Smith, Dave Liebman, Karl Berger, Ingrid Sertso, Michael Formanek, Jaribu Shahid, the members of Wolf Eyes, and more. Together, the ensemble of friends shares an affinity for experimental music and sound art and creates truly one-of-a-kind work.

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