Samba Squad

Founded in 1999 by award-winning percussionist Rick Shadrach Lazar, SAMBA SQUAD has risen from a community-based drumming group into one of the most dynamic acts on the Canadian World and Latin music scenes. From Jazz to Roots to International Drumming Festivals, this energetic and joy-instilling groove machine has performed at a myriad of festivals.
The mix of heavy drum grooves and audience interaction lifts the spirits of people everywhere. We follow the path of the drum from Brazil to Toronto. Inspired by the Escola de Sambas of Rio de Janeiro, the Afro Blocos of Salvador Bahia and the Maracatu nations of Recife and Pernambuco.
Hand to hand, skin to skin, we mix these influences with Global Grooves of the African Diaspora and our own original ideas and compositions. The beats, the grooves, the flavours all come together in a seething cauldron to produce the sound of Samba Squad.

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