Sean Bellaviti & Conjunto Lacalu

Sean Bellaviti and Conjunto Lacalu represents the very best of Toronto’s internationally renowned salsa scene. Founded and directed by pianist/composer Sean Bellaviti, this 11-piece ensemble couples a dynamic three-trumpet horn section with a rhythm section featuring Afro-Cuban percussion, piano, bass and Cuban tres guitar. This particular instrumentation gives the group its “classic” salsa sound all the while enabling the sort of stylistic versatility and creativity expected by contemporary audiences. Conjunto Lacalu’s repertoire pays homage its predecessors—such as Conjunto Clasico and Sonora Ponceña—and also includes a number of original arrangements of salsa and pop standards as well as a growing catalogue of original compositions. Sean Bellaviti and his cohorts have been singled out for their unique repertoire and outstanding musicianship. In addition to their residency at Toronto’s Lula Lounge, this band has been the backing band of choice for a number of visiting salsa singers including Henry Fiol, Tito Rojas, Tony Vega, and Eddie Santiago among many others.

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