Sho Yamamoto Trio

The Sho Yamamoto Trio (recently renamed The Moment Jazz Trio) is a young jazz ensemble from Osaka Japan who established themselves in 2010. The members of the band are: Yamamoto Sho -Alto Sax, Takeuchi Masashi -Piano, Izumi Masahiro -Bass. Within a year they had released their first recording entitled "That's A Moment" and had begun performing at various jazz clubs in Japan. In the summer of 2011, the Moment Jazz Trio competed in the annual Sapporo City Jazz Contest and out of more than a hundred entries, were awarded the Grand Prize. They recently changed the name of the group from the Yamamoto Sho Trio to "The Moment Jazz Trio.

Their repertoire explores their own interpretation of "jazz standards" of the great jazz artists that inspired them when they were students. Their main musical ambition is to establish a close communication between themselves and their audience through their musical interpretations, exciting listeners at each performance to be filled with the "passion of the moment," exactly what the name of the band implies.

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