The Vipers

Sophia Perlman and The Vipers. It is a special treat to have Sophia Perlman and The Vipers join the Reservoir Lounge as a regular Monday night act. With her youth and her proven natural talent, Sophia lures her listeners on each note with her genuine musical sincerity. When Sophia and The Vipers had their debut performance in October of 2005 there were those who wondered if the then twenty-year-old vocalist Sophia Perlman and her band would survive the tough-sell Monday night slot. Not only have they survived, they have received an overwhelming response, drawing veteran jazz fans and new audiences alike to Toronto’s Reservoir Lounge, where they play weekly.

The band, which spans three generations of musicians, and five generations of jazz, features Perlman alongside Howard Moore (trumpet), Pat Carey (saxophones), Robi Botos (piano), Mitchell Lewis (guitar), Ross McIntyre (bass) and Jeff Halischuk (drums), and a roster of guest artists which makes up a veritable who’s who of the Toronto jazz scene.

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