Yvette Tollar

Yvette was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and began singing professionally at 16. Her expressive vocals are rich and soulful, her delivery of lyrics mature and her technique flawless. She says music is her connection to the source and this reverent approach shines through in her sincere and unaffected performances.

Jazz has always been Yvette’s main focus but growing up in Toronto’s multi-cultural and inclusive society, she was exposed to a myriad of roots and folk music from around the world. By remaining open to the world of influences that surround her, Yvette sports immense versatility by lending her talents to Hungarian, Arabic, Yiddish, Brazillian, Jamaican, African and Indian projects. She has sung in at least 9 different languages and more than a dozen genres including Traditional and Modern Jazz, R&B, Classical and Klezmer music.

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