The Audience Issue II

I'm in Montreal for a couple of days checking out L'Off Festival de Jazz so this will be a shorter post.

Some of the discussion generated by last week's post (exploring why some shows have an easier time getting an audience than others) focused on marketing - the suggestion being that maybe jazz musicians need to do a better job marketing ourselves and our product. I think good marketing is a challenge to begin with: trying to figure out how to cut through the clutter, figuring out which media and which materials work best, never mind the time, energy, resources and money required to launch an effective marketing campaign. Add the fact that many musicians aren't working with publicists, and you've got musicians who need to practice, rehearse, etc., now also needing to find the time to promote the thing being practiced and rehearsed for. It's a formula that doesn't often work.

However, there is still lots of room for creativity in the realm of marketing. An article from the Portland Phoenix caught my eye a while back. In the article, the writer examines whether it would be possible to take a product as maligned as marzipan, market the bejeezus out of it and make it the must-have product. It's certainly a tongue-in-cheek look at how to create buzz, but behind the satire there may be some elements that could actually work. You can read the article here. (The title is slightly profane, but the article is not...)

Let's keep the discussion going...


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