This cup Riverruneth over

Our TD Discovery Series Special Projects presentations wrap up at the end of this month (that's next week…already…) with two shows which are bound to make a unique mark on the local scene: next Thursday, April 30, Alex Goodman kicks off a three-night stint at Jazz Bistro premiering his Chamber Quintet; today I'm pleased to write about Tom Richards' Riverrun Marathon 2.0, happening tomorrow - Saturday, April 25 at Beit Zatoun.

So what, exactly, is a Riverrun Marathon? Riverrun (Tom Richard, piano; Peter Lutek, clarinet; Scott Peterson, bass; Jake Oelrichs, drums) is a group whose musical mandate reflects the artistic interests of its members: these are some of Toronto's most creative musicians. As individuals and as a collective, they seek to explore where music can take them, comfortably moving between composed and improvised music, and without too much concern for specific musical genres. As for the marathon bit, well, I'm not sure how else one would describe 12 hours of continuous music-making - Saturday's gig goes from 2 pm to 2 am.

So why, exactly, would Riverrun want to do a marathon? I'll let Tom explain:

I find the idea of allowing the music to evolve, and for musical ideas to develop, over a long period of time quite appealing. Most of the music-making I experience - whether as a performer, composer or audience member - is held to fairly strict time constraints: the piece must only be so many minutes long; the venue has a curfew at 11 pm; etc. Even the most freely improvised concerts I've seen have wrapped up after about 90 or 120 minutes. By removing these sorts of time constraints, Riverrun is giving more freedom to the music - and what emerges is sure to be intriguing.

So - how do you attend a Riverrun Marathon? It's completely up to you! Here's Tom to explain:

Riverrun's first marathon (in 2013) was a great success, and attracted a fantastically diverse audience. I look forward to experiencing some of this year's Marathon, when Riverrun will be joined by interdisciplinary special guests Blake Howard (percussion), Mateo Gallindo Torres (dance), Avi Granite (guitar), Morgan Maher (photography installation) and Kip Jones (guest composer); Starseyeview will also be leading a tea ceremony every hour throughout the event.

The Riverrun Marathon 2.0 starts at 2 pm on Saturday, April 25 at Beit Zatoun, and runs for 12 hours. Complete details on the Marathon - including time slots for the guest artists - are available on the Riverrun Marathon 2.0 concert page.

Drop by for a few minutes, or a few hours. This may be as close to a musical "choose your own adventure" as it gets.


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