A few Thursday thoughts

Jeanette and I were so excited to celebrate Adelaide's first birthday on Monday. It has been quite a year - she has mastered so much already. One thing we're still working on, though, is sleeping through the night. Last night featured kind of the opposite of sleeping through the night, which means I'm a bit tired today, which means (as you may know from previous posts) I'm finding it extra more harder to write in coherent sentences using the bestest grammar. So with that in mind, a few random (i.e. shorter) thoughts for this rainy Thursday afternoon:

  • If you haven't already discovered NPR's wealth of live concert recordings, I encourage you to do so. One highlight is their extensive coverage each year of the Newport Jazz Festival. They've got a slew of concerts available from this year's just-completed edition. I'm listening to Kurt Elling's show now. (And, not to play favourites, but he's really good at singing...) You can find NPR's Newport concerts here.
  • The musical relationship between jazz and hip hop has taken off in the past few years, with more artists from each genre incorporating music from the other. But it's not necessarily new - in this article, Meghan Stabile, founder and President of Revive Music Group in New York, lays out five important examples of hip hop artists who have sampled jazz. (And you should check out Revive - they're doing some very cool things exploring the jazz/hip hop relationship.)
  • I'm looking forward to this Saturday's performance of Riverside (Chet Doxas, Jim Doxas, Dave Douglas, Steve Swallow) at The Rex Hotel (9:45 pm). In some ways the show is an experiment in word of mouth - it was confirmed only a few short weeks ago, well after The Rex's August calendar was printed. It's already getting some great press (read Peter Hum's review of their Ottawa show here) and lots of chatter online. In related news (sort of), I was at The Rex on Tuesday night and can report that their air conditioning works well...
  • Finally, we're now accepting submissions for the 2013 festival. Complete information is available here. We've added a handy submission form to the website. If you're submitting for the first time, I encourage you to read my blog posting slash rant from a couple of years back - "Getting the gig".

Happy Thursday!


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