Getting the Gig - addendum!

Thanks to all those who have read my "Getting the Gig" post and have sent in comments. I realize that one topic I didn't cover was how to deal with a festival application if you are also applying for a Canada Council Music Touring Grant.

Each year in November, representatives from jazz festivals from across the country (members of Jazz Festivals Canada) get together to discuss what artists we might be able to share, thereby by saving a bit on artist fees and transportation. At the same meeting, we discuss those artists that we know are applying for a Canada Council Music Touring Grant. The only way to ensure that we know you are applying for a touring grant is to clearly say so in your cover letter! Therefore, I would recommend two things if you are applying for a touring grant:

  • Get your submissions in to the festivals as soon as possible, and certainly by the end of October.
  • Clearly indicate in your cover letter that you will be applying for the touring grant.

As always, this in no way guarantees you a spot at the festival - or the touring grant - but will help us to make informed decisions.

For more information, visit the Canada Council's website, contact the appropriate grants officer at the Canada Council, or drop me a line.


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