Helpful hints from the interwebs

There is a small rotation of books I turn to when practicing trumpet or composing - books which remind me of fundamentals, steer me in new directions, or reconnect me with the basic enjoyment I derive from making music. When I need input on a particular topic like voicings or orchestration, or am looking for a new study to play through, I'm always grateful for the well-leafed tomes on my bookshelf. Of course, technology has opened up a whole new wealth of resources. If I'm ever really stumped, or if I'm looking for a particular recording, I can quickly look things up online.

I wanted to share with you a brilliant resource someone posted on Facebook recently. A n ever-present challenge when composing or playing in a small group setting is how to end a tune. As a player, do I tag the ending, until the harmony has been sufficiently defeated? Do I go for the short ending - a quick final chord? Do I choose a long held note with extended noodling? As a composer, do I go the route of the Basie-style piano cadence? A quick recap of the melody? Another double Eb in the lead trumpet?

Happily, LA-based pianist Jacob Mann has posted a short instructional video which answers any tune-ending concerns I may have. Check it out:

Phew! I now have an extra resource to add to my repertoire. Can't wait to give this a try.

What are your favourite jazz-related pearls of wisdom online?


P.S. - In all seriousness - I'm listening to the new Flying Lotus record, and it's pretty groovy…

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