Here we go...

After ten months of preparation, hundreds of phone calls, countless emails, and logistics more complicated than early space vehicles, we're ready to go: tonight we launch the 24th edition of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival. I'm looking forward to ten outstanding days of jazz, and am excited to experience the festival for the first time as Artistic Director. I'll be keeping up with my blogging each day during the festival, recounting highlights, challenges, and all-round shenanigans. The time of day (and coherence) of the posts may vary (see above re: shenanigans), but be sure to check back regularly for updates.

And, of course, a reminder that we're open for business as usual: our venues are all outside of the G20 security zone and accessible by public transit. Help us to jazz up downtown!

I invite you to explore our website ( - you're already here!) for complete lineup details; an overview of festival activities can be found on the calendar page.

I look forward to seeing and meeting you out and about over the next ten days. Be sure to say hi - it would be my pleasure to thank you in person for your support.


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