The Israeli Jazz Showcase

We're in for a treat next Thursday, March 6, when the Israeli Jazz Showcase takes the stage at The Rex Hotel.

Two trios led by Israeli-born artists - who are now making it big in New York and around the world - will be joined by local trumpeter David Buchbinder and his ensemble for a celebration of jazz seen through an Israeli lens. Here are the details:

The evening kicks off at 7 pm with the David Buchbinder Ensemble and their unique, multi-cultural take on Israeli jazz and folk music. David is a regular on Toronto's jazz and world music scenes, and is well known for the Flying Bulgar Klezmer Band, the Shurum Burum Jazz Circus and as co-Founder of Ashkenaz: A Festival of New Yiddish Culture. As a trumpeter, David's playing is exciting and dynamic; we never know where he will go next. His shows are always interesting; he excels as a collaborator, frequently assembling top-notch players from a variety of musical traditions to create a new, unique sound. His performance next Thursday promises to be just such a mix. He'll have with him John Johnson (saxes, clarinet, flute), Dave Restivo (piano), Dan Fortin (bass) and Derek Gray drums. Here's a clip of David in action with Odessa/Havana:

Next up is acclaimed guitarist Gilad Heksleman and his trio. Gilad Hekselman has been developing a reputation as one of the most promising guitarists in New York since his arrival in 2004, having played with some of the most exciting and cutting-edge musicians in that city. Gilad won the 2005 Gibson Montreux International Guitar Competition, and it's clear when you hear him play why he's garnered so much attention since then: his compositions and soloing both reflect an interest in exploring the full range of sounds available on his instrument, moving beyond bebop lines and traditional harmony. As an audience, that means we get compelling melodies, exciting solos, and a unique sound. Joining Gilad are Joe Martin (bass) and Marcus Gilmore (drums). They’ll be performing music from his fourth album, This Just In, released in 2013 - here's a short video about the album:

Wrapping up the evening is The Shai Maestro Trio. Although Shai Maestro may best be known as the pianist for many years in bassist Avishai Cohen's band, since going solo in 2011 he has quickly established himself as an important player on the international jazz scene. Shai's approach to composition and performance reflect the various musical traditions surrounding him as he grew up in Israel and since moving to New York - I hear middle-Eastern inspired melodies, exciting post-bop soloing, and pop-influenced grooves. Shai Maestro will be joined by Jorge Roeder (bass) and Ziv Ravitz (drums). Here's a sample of the trio in action. The picture's not great, but it sounds fantastic:

The Israeli Jazz Showcase takes place next Thursday, March 6th at The Rex Hotel starting at 7 pm. $15 cover.

Presented by Toronto Downtown Jazz and the Consulate General of Israel, in association with the Ashkenaz Foundation and with the support of the Canada-Israel Cultural Foundation, as part of the Spotlight on Israeli Culture.

See you there!


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