Warning - Xylopholks sighted!

The following advisory was released this morning from Jazz Central Command. Please read it carefully:

We've received word that the Xylopholks will be making appearances at this year's TD Toronto Jazz Festival, assaulting jazz sensibilities everywhere with their upbeat take on ragtime music. The Xylopholks can easily be identified: they typically take the form of Cookie Monster (playing xylophone) and Pink Gorilla (playing bass). Please do not feed the Xylopholks! They will ask for payment in the form of cookies and bananas, but this will only encourage them. Although they are harmless, we ask that you do not touch the Xylopholks - professionals from the TD Toronto Jazz Festival will be on site and they have specifically been trained to deal with these kinds of jazz incursions.

Our intelligence indicates that the Xylopholks will appear at the following times and locations:

July 1, 11 am, Nathan Phillips Square
July 2, 4:30 pm, HMV Store at 333 Yonge Street
July 3, 2:00 pm, HMV Store at 333 Yonge Street
July 3, 9:00 pm, Yonge-Dundas Square

For more information on the Xylopholks - and how best to prepare for a costumed encounter - please visit Jazz Central Command's Xylopholks info page.

- end transmission -

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