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Words escaped me

And now, of course, that I'm ready to jump back into the fray, I have too many things to cram into one blog...So I'll touch on a few things briefly.

Entertaining and Engaging

A couple of months ago I was invited to write a story for the University of Toronto's quarterly magazine, U of T Magazine. I enjoyed the process...

Celebrating flying fingers and fingers that flew

When "jazz guitar" and "Canada" are mentioned, Ed Bickert's name is one of the first to come up...

Facebook is the best / Facebook is the worst

By talking about Facebook, I admit that I'm going to extol the virtues and damn the annoyances of a free service that I am not, in fact, obligated to use. But here's the thing.

Thank you Geoff

You may have already heard that former Toronto Star jazz (and theatre) writer Geoff Chapman passed away yesterday after a long illness. We send condolences to his wife Bilgi and their family.

Further thoughts from Branford Marsalis

About a year ago, I read an interview with Branford Marsalis in the Seattle Weekly in which he discusses some of the challenges facing contemporary jazz artists and audiences.

Phoenix rising?

First - kudos to Daniel Jamieson and his Danjam Orchestra. I caught their opening set last night at The Rex and the band sounded great. Some top musicians from Toronto and New York, and excellent writing. If you missed them last night, you can catch them again tonight at The Rex starting at 9:30 pm - details here.

And now on to the topic of the day. A few weeks back I wrote about the demise of Cafe Paradiso in Ottawa. With this week came news of a club closing here in Toronto - The Trane Studio.

A few Thursday thoughts

Jeanette and I were so excited to celebrate Adelaide's first birthday on Monday. It has been quite a year - she has mastered so much already. One thing we're still working on, though, is sleeping through the night. Last night featured kind of the opposite of sleeping through the night, which means I'm a bit tired today, which means (as you may know from previous posts) I'm finding it extra more harder to write in coherent sentences using the bestest grammar. So with that in mind, a few random (i.e. shorter) thoughts for this rainy Thursday afternoon:

    How about some good news for a change?

    Two weeks ago I reported on the unfortunate demise of Cafe Paradiso, Ottawa's main jazz club. This week, I've got only good news to report from Toronto's main jazz club, The Rex Hotel.

    Festival prime time

    It's been almost a month since we wrapped the 2012 TD Toronto Jazz Festival and I feel myself slowly going into jazz festival withdrawal. Happily, there are still lots of festivals to catch around Ontario over the next several weeks. In case you're suffering from similar symptoms, I figured I would list some of the upcoming festivals. As is always the case when creating these sorts of lists, it's likely that I've missed a few. If you notice something missing, let me know.


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