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Leave them wanting more

On Day 7 of the festival, I found myself frequently pulled away from events before I had experienced a good fill. The blessing and curse of a busy festival...Here are the details.

Decisions, decisions!

It's hard to believe that we're now into the last four days of the festival! These past few days have been particularly busy, and yesterday I had to choose between several night-time shows. Here's a quick run-down of my day.

An all-ages event

Day five of the festival included activity which featured every generation of jazz musician and jazz lover, from high school students to long-time fans, from emerging artists to seasoned pros.

And the crowd went wild

Day 4 of the festival provided lots of thrills for audience members, but also some not insubstantial spills...

The day got off to a bit of a discombobulated start. The KPMT Inside Track, scheduled to start at 12:30, was pushed back to 1:00 due to a city event on the square. The time change meant an errand I had to run took me away from the square exactly when Jim Galloway was sitting down with Roberta Gambarini. I had been looking forward to hearing the chat, but by all reports it was a great session.

Friends, colleagues, teachers, players

As in, yesterday featured some of each, and all contributed to a great day at the festival.

Across the spectrum, around the world

The second day of the festival picked up where day one left off - music and musicians representing a wide range of jazz styles.

We're underway!

The alarm has gone off, the cobwebs have cleared, and it's time to reflect on day one of the 2012 TD Toronto Jazz Festival. In many ways, the shows that I caught yesterday represent the exciting breadth of music being presented over the next ten days. Here's what I mean:

Party time...

With only one more sleep until the 2012 TD Toronto Jazz Festival gets underway, I'm finding my energy split in two ways: on one hand, I'm really excited about the next ten days. I'm looking forward to hearing great music, meeting interesting people on and off the stage, and experiencing the magic that is the festival. On the other hand, I'm enjoying being in the moment, and once again feeling grateful for what I get to do year-round. Let me explain.

Almost there...

I got my haircut this morning:

Which can only mean one thing: the jazz festival is almost here! We kick things off in just over a week - 5 pm next Friday, June 22. I'm starting to get excited, and I thought I would revisit a post I did last year on how best to navigate the festival - how to figure out what's when and where, and what you might like to see. Here are some tips:

Stamp of approval

It's always nice to have something to celebrate in the jazz world in general, and in the Canadian jazz world especially. This week, Canada Post announced that Canadian jazz piano great Oliver Jones would be the subject of one of two postage stamps created this year to commemorate Black History Month. With the honour, Oliver Jones joins the ranks of another Canadian jazz master, Oscar Peterson, whose stamp was revealed in 2005.


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